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Teams of academics and other partners are leading marine debris research that answers questions about marine debris types, impacts, and solutions in the Mid-Atlantic. Research papers, reports, and other technical publications are available below.

Marine Debris Content Portlet

Materevovle California Microfiber Update: Textile Perspective
The Economic Impacts of Marine Debris on Tourism-Dependent Communities Infographic
Microplastic transfer from the American horseshoe crab to shorebirds through consumption of horseshoe crab eggs in Jamaica Bay, NY
Cover of the marine pollution bulletin
Curbside Disposal Education Campaign Pilot - Case Study
Cover photo of Curbside Disposal Education Campaign Pilot
Litter Assessment Along the Delaware River: Citizen Science Progress Report
Microplastics exacerbate virus-mediated mortality in fish
Monitoring Marine Debris in Virginia’s Coastal Zone Project Report: April 2014 through June 2018
Preferences for derelict gear mitigation strategies by commercial fishers
Virginia Abandoned and Derelict Workgroup Report - 2022
An image of the VA ADV Workgroup Report
Ecological and Economic Effects of Derelict Fishing Gear in the Chesapeake Bay
The Effects of Marine Debris on Beach Recreation and Regional Economies in Four Coastal Communities: A Regional Pilot Study Final Report
Abandoned and Derelict Vessels in the Commonwealth - How to Improve Virginia's ADV Program
Cover Image of William and Mary Law School Report on ADVs in Virginia
Isolating Microplastics from Biofilm Communities: Connecting Project-Based Learning & Research
Microplastics affect sedimentary microbial communities and nitrogen cycling
Microplastics in the Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed: State of the Knowledge, Data Gaps, and Relationship to Management Goals
Plastic Pollution and the Chesapeake Bay: The Food System and Beyond
Protecting Terrapins with TEDs in Virginia - Lessons From Other States
Cover image of report