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Help us raise awareness about marine debris in the Mid-Atlantic with these resources!

Marine Debris Content Portlet

Garbage Patches Fact Sheet
Marine Debris is Everyone's Problem
Microplastic Marine Debris Fact Sheet
What We Know About the "Garbage Patches"
EPA Disaster Debris Recovery Tool
Marine Debris Disposal Options Fact Sheet
Plastic Marine Debris Fact Sheet
Storm Preparedness & Marine Debris Fact Sheet
Surfrider Foundation Extended Producer Responsibility Factsheet
Take 5 for Turtles
Marine Debris and the Economy Fact Sheet
Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project Fact Sheet
What Is Marine Debris Poster
Abandoned and Derelict Vessels Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet: Wetsuit Recycling
Marine Debris Fact Sheet
Skip the Straw
Surfrider Foundation Bioplastics Toolkit (2021)
Photo of the cover of Surfrider Foundation's Bioplastics Toolkit. Image features a gloved hand holding a green cup that reads '100% biodegradable' with a beach scene in the background.
Surfrider Foundation's Extended Producer Responsibility Guidance Document (December 2021)
Image of Surfrider Foundation's Extended Producer Responsibility Guidance Document
Webinar: Distribution of microplastics and associated pathogens and pollutants in NYC waterways