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Participants in the Mid-Atlantic Marine Debris Colaborative offer links and downloadable educational materials for people of all ages to learn about marine debris. Whether you are a formal educator or just interested in learning more, there are general and region-specific resources available.

Marine Debris Content Portlet

Microplastics in the Marine Environment
An Educator's Guide to Marine Debris
"Did You Know?" Marine Debris Bookmark Series
NOAA Ocean Today, in partnership with the NOAA Marine Debris Program, presents Regional Emmy Award-winning TRASH TALK Series
Understanding Marine Debris: Games and Activities for Kids of All Ages
Can Microplastic Pollution Change Important Aquatic Bacterial Communities?
Good Mate and Marina Cleanup
Isolating Microplastics from Biofilm Communities: Connecting Project-Based Learning & Research
Cover of the American Biology Teacher journal.
Talking Trash & Taking Action
Microplastics Biomagnification Board Game
Be an Ocean Guardian: Activity Book
NOAA Marine Debris Activities and Curricula Resource Webpage
Biofilms and Microplastics Content Primer
Conscious Coloring Book: The Plastic Journey
Infographic: The economic impacts of marine debris on beaches
Prince George's County Clean And Beautiful Activity Books
Wave of Plastics Curricular Unit